Meet the E20: slim, compact solution for all your imaging needs. Packed with features and designed for maximum mobility, this powerful system is perfect for a wide variety of clinical applications—including comprehensive 3D/4D capabilities deliver complete obstetric coverage.


Revolutionary RF platform


VINNO's innovative RF platform acquires 40 times the amount of raw signal for back-end processing, which allows for higher resolution images and more powerful post-processing capabilities.


              Detect IMT to within 0.1 mm

     Highly sensitive blood flow within 1cm/s


Latest Technologies and
Cutting-Edge Features


  • Auto optimization
  • Tview and trapezoidal...
  • Auto measurement (IMT/NT/OB/Follicle)
  • Pview (panoramic imaging)
  • Real-time and frozen-image auto trace for PW and CW
  • Needle enhancement technology
  • High resolution write and read zoom Full-screen display
  • Smart Touch panel
  • Real-time triplex mode



Real-Time triplex mode

No loss in image quality or reduction in spectrum resolution, thanks to RF platform


Auto Optimization


Auto IMT

Easy, automated measurement of intima-media thickness (IMT) of carotid artery to facilitate early detection of cardiovascular disease


PW/CW Spectrum Auto Trace

Smart spectrum auto trace with real-time sensitivity adjustment


Real time and post store auto trace

Real time sensitivity adjustment for accurate spectrum trace

Real time measurement result