Combating coronavirus overseas | VINNO once again empowers world with Chinese ultrasound
August 07-2021

Bali, In line with development of the medicalworld, the need for a clearer image scan result from an ultrasono graphic (USG) device is higher. SOHO Global Medika launched an USG device with 4D technology by the brand of VINNO G80. This device is a cooperation between SOHO Global Medika and VINNO Technology (Suzhou) Co.Ltd located in China. "The increasingly high development of the medical world in Indonesia demands business people to produce an advanced USG device," said Vice President SOHO Global Medika, Obed Fuk Liang, at the signing of MoU for cooperation between SOHO Global Medika and VINNO, Swiss Bell Hotel Bali(29/08). Through this cooperation SOHO GlobalMedika becomes the sole distributor of all VINNO products in Indonesia, one of it is VINNO G80.

"VINNO G80 uses a LED 21,5 inch Full HD(1920 x 1080) monitor screen type and sensitive touch screen technology of the capacitive sized 13.3 inch adopting the multifunction gesture technology to simplify operation in using this device," said CEO VINNO Peter Xi.

Besides, for its picture quality, VINNO G80 was developed and is thus able to produce a 3D and 4D high quality picture which is similar to its original color while the fetus is in the mother's womb. Its world class advanced technologies such as contrast agent imaging and elastic imaging will easier for doctors to diagnostic of tumors and other lesions.